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Introduction of pervious concrete sealer:
Permeable concrete sealer is a hybrid polyurethane system with unique structure。It can effectively improve the durability and beautification effect of pervious concrete surface layer, the color is adjustable, the construction is simple, and the amount per square is about 0.2公斤。It can also be used for the sealing of the imprinted floor layer and the beautification of other floor layers。
Advantages of pervious concrete sealer:With high weather resistance, high wear resistance, bright color and other advantages, suitable for all kinds of pervious concrete construction。
用法:Sealer: Thinner = 1:1 Spray with airless sprayer 
Service life:According to the required ratio of construction color brightness can be maintained for about 3 years, and the shelf life after opening is one year。
Permeable concrete sealant,Protective agent, finishing paint, finishing agent Note:
1, this product stored in a cool dry place to avoid sun and rain。
2, please stir thoroughly before use, and according to the paint instructions。
3, the use of places should have ventilation measures to avoid air circulation。
[Pervious concrete method and construction steps]
【十大正规网赌网址】:The viscosity of the cement slurry in the pervious concrete mixture is relatively large and the amount is small. In order to facilitate the cement slurry to be evenly wrapped on the aggregate, it is appropriate to use a forced mixer, and the mixing time is more than 5 minutes。
【十大菠菜导航网址】:The subgrade must be moistened with water before pouring。Otherwise, the rapid loss of water in pervious concrete will reduce the bond strength between aggregates。As the mixer is relatively dry and hard, it is necessary to smooth the pervious concrete material on the roadbed。
【十大正规网赌网址】:It should not be strongly vibrated and tamped during the pouring process。
【十大正规网赌网址】:After vibration, solid steel pipe or light roller should be further used for compaction, flattening, pervious concrete mixer, considering the consistency of the mixer and the surrounding temperature and other conditions, it may be necessary to roll several times, and the roller must be cleaned before rolling to prevent bonding aggregate。
【十大菠菜导航网址】:Due to the existence of a large number of holes, pervious concrete is easy to lose water and dry quickly, so the maintenance is very important。
【十大正规网赌网址】:The film coating wet curing time of pervious concrete shall not be less than 7 days, and then a layer of special sealing agent for pervious concrete shall be sprayed to make the appearance effect tend to ******。
Warm reminder:Store in a cool, dry and well-ventilated place
Scope of application:Color permeable concrete, color permeable asphalt, bare bones, permeable floor, color permeable floor
Product Specifications:20kg/ barrel
参考******:3~6 yuan/square
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The Lurong color embossed floor consists of three materials 
Lurong color reinforcement material: 30kg/ bag Waterproof color bag packaging (dosage: 3kg/ square meter)
Lurong color release powder: 15kg/ bag waterproof color bag packaging (dosage: 0.15kg/ m2)
Lurong floor protection agent: 200kg/ barrel waterproof sealing iron drum (dosage: 0.2kg/ m2)

Lurong floor mold: 1000 square meters above free use
Lu Rong color embossed floor ******, large quantity preferred

面积 200 square meters 500 square meters 1000 square meters 2000 square meters 5000 square meters
****** 15元 12元 11元 10元 9元

 Color pervious concrete material details    
1.Color material 2.Permeable concrete binder 3.Sealing agent is composed of three materials。

Molding floor construction process: 
Lift and finish → spread strengthening material → Fine finishing → Supplement strengthening material → Secondary finishing → Dispersing mold powder → Stamping ground → sealing road → washing art ground → brushing protectant → Finishing


Molding floor construction process requirements: 
1, after the concrete, when the concrete initial set by the construction personnel with a large spatula on the concrete surface for light。When receiving light, attention should be paid to whether there is floating slurry on the surface. If there is excess floating slurry, it should be scraped out manually。The function of pulp extraction is to integrate the color reinforcement material with the concrete completely. If there is a large aggregate (stone) floating on the surface during the light collection process, it should be picked up。 
2, when the completion of the light, the concrete begins to grasp the time of the initial setting stage is crucial。When the water on the surface of the concrete basically evaporates, but still remains wet, you can sprinkle color reinforcement。 
3. Spread strengthening material and receive light 
1) The first color reinforcement material should be distributed according to the quantity of the warehouse surface and the construction scope,First, about 2/3 of the amount of color reinforcement material is evenly distributed on the concrete surface,When the art floor reinforcement material absorbs the moisture of the concrete and darkens evenly,Start closing with a large spatula,At this stage, attention should be paid not to rub too much,Otherwise there may be chromatic aberration or exposure of the concrete's true color。 
 2) ****** Sprinkle the remaining 1/3 of the material。****** The secondary spreader or the part showing the concrete's natural color should be replenished. At this time, the color reinforcement material will also absorb water and become dark. After the surface reinforcement material is evenly moistened, use a large spatula for secondary light absorption。The purpose of the two sprinkling is to strengthen the uniform degree of coverage and penetration of the material ******。 
4, spread art floor color release powder。The spreading of the release powder of color art floor should also grasp the good timing and uniformity。The release powder should be spread when preparing to start the die. Because the material is a light powder, it should be spread out of the wind and in a downwind direction。The amount of stripper powder is related to the degree of uniformity and the familiarity of the construction personnel。 
5, the use of artistic floor mold to texture the floor layer。The artistic floor mold should be used together, first determine the distribution direction of the texture, choose the position and Angle of the first piece of mold, and then the other molds are placed close to the first piece of mold in turn。The color concrete art floor pressing die adopts manual pressing die. The pressing die should be operated by the better technical personnel with the consistent depth of ****** embossing and the ****** of the mold placement。 
6. The construction site should be closed immediately after the texture stamping is completed to avoid irrelevant personnel straying into the work area and damaging the newly completed color ground。Damaged art floors cannot be repaired ******。    
7. In theory, the art floor should be washed after 2-3 days of closure. Under normal circumstances, in order to prevent the new road surface from being polluted, the whole texture of the project should be washed after the completion of stamping。When rinsing, it is not necessary to wash all the release powder, and about 10% of the release powder color should be left, so that the artistic ground will have a good gradual effect。 
8. After the color art floor ****** is dried, the construction personnel will use special protective agent to spray on the surface of the art floor, seal the ground with color and gloss treatment, and the strong visual effect of the natural stone texture of the whole art floor will appear immediately。 8.The required grade of the bottom concrete is C25 or C20, and the top is C30 or C25 mortar fine stone concrete, with a total thickness of 5-20cm。

Scope of application:
1. Municipal engineering: streets, sidewalks, road dividers, theme parks, cultural squares, landscape engineering。
2, Commerce: business building, hotel, restaurant, bar, large ******, exhibition center, supermarket, shops, parking lot。
3. Residence: apartment, villa, residential area, courtyard, garden。
4, places: parks, playgrounds, water pools, swimming pools。
5, others: industrial plants, schools, kindergartens, bus system platforms, real estate inside and outside decoration。

Color pervious concrete:
With high bearing capacity and integral molding pavement, its anti-settlement performance is better than that of general permeable bricks, and it can reach the concrete bearing standard above C25。
1, water permeability, 15%-25% of the void rate, water permeability up to 270 liters/square meters/minute。
2, porous surface, large area application can reduce urban noise。
3, good gas, alleviate the urban heat island effect。
4, no water, no snow in winter surface is not easy to freeze。
5, effectively supplement groundwater, conducive to plant growth。

Preparation and construction of pervious concrete:
 1, construction: on the basis of adequate preparation, personnel and equipment can enter the construction。  
  The consistency of cement slurry in pervious concrete mix is larger,And the quantity is small,In order to make the cement slurry can ****** evenly wrapped on the aggregate,It is advisable to use a forced mixer,The mixing time is longer than that of conventional concrete,Because the pervious concrete mix is relatively dry and hard,Before pouring,The subgrade must first be moistened with water,The reason is that the amount of mixing water in pervious concrete is limited,If the subgrade material is absorbing part of it mix the water,*** will accelerate the setting of cement,Reduce the time spent on pavement pouring, vibration, compaction and jointing,And rapid water loss will weaken the bonding strength between aggregates。  
  Pervious concrete is a dry concrete material, its initial setting fast, generally according to the climate conditions to control the transport time of the mixture, transport is generally controlled within 15 minutes, do not stay in the transport process, the cart must be stable。  
  (3) paving casting molding  
  Pervious concrete is dry concrete material, its initial setting fast, spreading must be timely。For pavement surface, large area construction adopts silo paving, and its loose paving coefficient is 1.1。Spread the mixture evenly on the working surface, use the scraper to find the flatness and control a certain degree of flooding, and wipe it with a spatula after the first use, wipe no clear water。    
  Pervious concrete has similar properties to cement concrete. Water curing shall be carried out ****** days after the construction is completed. If the weather is hot and dry, water curing can be carried out 8 hours after pouring, at least twice a day, and the curing time shall not be less than 3 days。However, it is not appropriate to use pressure water directly to shower the concrete surface, and water should be sprayed directly from the top down。  
  3, brush transparent brightener:  
  After the surface concrete is formed and dried in about 3 days, brush or spray transparent brightener to enhance durability and aesthetics。Prevent the pervious concrete pores from being polluted and blocked over time。

Color pervious concrete material details
1.Color material 2.Permeable concrete binder 3.Sealing agent is composed of three materials。