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Glue stone
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First, the difference: adhesive stone not only refers to pervious adhesive colored stone, pervious stone, but also refers to color pervious concrete, color pervious floor。
Because its technology has been introduced from abroad, the market name is not uniform。Because the main raw materials of pervious concrete and color pervious concrete also include stones, and have a pervious function, some customers simply call it *** to become pervious stone。But adhesive stone, as the name suggests, is made of a combination of stone and adhesive。This is different from pervious concrete。
Second, the raw materials used in adhesive stone pavement are non-toxic and environmentally friendly, natural color, elegant and generous, environmentally friendly and economic, and are new materials needed for the development of sponge cities。Among them, adhesive stone is made of imported special glue and natural colored stone by special process. It has the characteristics of solid and beautiful, natural color and not easy to fade. It is a novel art landscape paving material。
Third, the adhesive stone has ecological, permeable, breathable and better anti-slip functional surface, environmental protection, non-toxic, no radiation, no environmental pollution, suitable for the current sponge city development needs, is a breathing ecological ground。
1, green environmental protection -- raw materials non-toxic, non-corrosion, the use of ****** construction technology, the production process is very low energy consumption, aggregate for various colors of small stones, gravel after screening;
2, beautiful and generous - fully reflect the rich natural visual effects of natural stone, you can also use colored stones for color matching, as well as a variety of parquet design, making the road decoration effect beautiful;
3, convenient construction - similar to the traditional concrete construction method, with stronger adhesion to the foundation;