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步骤1Foundation concrete screed

The foundation concrete shall be no less than C20 and no less than 5CM thick, and shall be fully vibrated, extracted, levelled and drained。

步骤2Spread the color enhancer material

When the concrete surface is set (the specific time is determined by temperature and humidity), evenly spread the color of the material amount of two-thirds (conventional 2㎏/㎡,).。

步骤3****** smoothing once

After the surface material is fully absorbent, smooth the powder with a tool。

步骤4****** Apply the color enhancer material twice

Apply the color enhancer in place where it was not applied before (one-third of the amount).。

步骤5****** smoothing once

After the surface material fully absorbs water, scrape the powder with a special large spatula。

步骤6Surface absorption

The surface is smoothed and wet with the hand iron plate repeatedly。

步骤7Sprinkle release powder

Cover the surface with hand-spread release powder evenly, not much, the reference amount per square meter 0.15KG。

步骤8Pressed pattern

Pressing the pattern with the design pattern mold requires uniform force once forming。

步骤9****** secondary maintenance

Waterproof, anti-pressure and anti-freezing measures should be taken to make the surface naturally solidified for 2-3 days (if low temperature should be appropriately extended).。

步骤10Surface washing

After the surface ****** solidifies and forms, rinse the surface evenly with high pressure water gun。

步骤11Apply the finishing agent

After the surface moisture is dried, the special floor cover agent is evenly coated or rolled 1 way, so that the surface color of the floor is bright and natural and resistant to ultraviolet radiation。