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1, customer consultation: customer service will record customer data information, forward to the business department。
2. Preliminary plan: The business department will make the project budget according to the area and requirements of the initial communication with the customer, and contact to determine the specific field investigation。
3, field investigation: according to the customer's actual area and actual situation, tailored construction plan and project progress, further accounting ****** and time limit。
4. Optimization scheme: According to the actual requirements and actual situation of customers, optimize the previous construction scheme, ****** and construction progress。
5. Signing the contract: Both parties sign and execute the contract
6. Specific construction: construction period,Engineering inspection personnel are responsible for checking the quality and progress of the project;The designer is responsible for checking the implementation of the design plan during construction,Responsible for working with you on the project, assisting in the inspection and supervision of project quality;Engineering assistant to deal with engineering problems;Halfway through the project according to the contract,The project payment and additional payment required by the customer。
7, delivery and use: after the completion of the project, the experience received qualified, the customer signed on the acceptance, and paid the balance of the project according to the contract and the record of the supplier, and signed the warranty, and delivered。
8, after-sales service: After the completion of the project, the company's special personnel to the customer service quality of each department return visit work。Make project summary according to customer satisfaction and answer customer questions。Maintain contact and good communication with customers at all times。